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RP0300 - Fecal Coliform Count, BenchMark, WP, Whole Volume
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RP0300$97.00Whole Volume---
Sample AnalytesUnitsNELAC Range
Fecal Coliform (MF)
CFU/100ml20 - 2400
Sample AnalytesUnitsNELAC Range
Fecal Coliform (MPN)MPN/100ml20 - 2400
Analytical Methods Covered
Membrane Filtration Quantitative (m-FC): Fecal ColiformMembrane Filtration Quantitative (m-FC): Fecal Coliform
Membrane Filter Technique for Members of the Coliform Group - Fecal Coliform Membrane Filter ProcedureMembrane Filtration Quantitative (m-FC): Fecal Coliform
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