Quality Control

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A leader you can depend on. With over nineteen (19) years serving the environmental laboratory industry, we have an in-depth understanding of what quality control means to the accreditation and success of each laboratory. Our goal is to help you succeed by providing you with the finest quality standards and the best customer support and assistance available - all at a reasonable price.

Quality Control Samples

Our quality control standards are a great verification tool for your routine quality control program. The certificate of analysis that accompanies every standard contains a comprehensive value analysis to validate your results. The values are analyzed against multiple statistical methods. Advanced Analytical Solutions offers several different quality control programs to make your life easier. These include:

Calibration Control Standards are standards prepared at set levels to be used in instrument or method calibration or verification. They are provided in various concentrations and volumes for easy of use.

OnTarget InstaCheck Standards are known samples that are accompanied by a comprehensive certificate of analysis. These standards are unique in the market because we provide a certificate that includes the certified value, inter-laboratory data that includes the mean and inter-lab limits. They may be used for spot checks as well as analyst evaluations.

Custom Standards are standards prepared to meet your specific needs and requirements. You merely tell us what your needs are and we do the rest. Weather it is one analyte or many in any matrix you specify we will provide you with the finest custom made samples anywhere.