OnTarget InstaCheck Standards

With OnTarget Instacheck Standards, you can hit the highest marks for quality, accuracy, and affordability in the industry today. We offer quality control samples with a difference. Each OnTarget InstaCheck Standard have been analyzed in house and by up to 150 commercial environmental laboratories, making our statistical based results the best in the industry. The On Target InstaCheck Standards are ideally suited for:

Laboratory Corrective Actions: OnTarget can show that your laboratory’s corrective actions have worked and your systems are back in control. This allows you to start production sooner.

Laboratory Quality Control: OnTarget, when used as part of a regular quality system, allows for early detection and correction of analytical problems. Finding these problems early can save your laboratory both time and money in the future.

Training for the Entire Laboratory: OnTarget allows your entire staff to train on check samples yielding better performance on your everyday samples. This also gives your staff a better feeling for their overall performance.

Method Performance Verification: OnTarget samples can be used to verify the performance of a new method or to determine the outcome of a method modification.