Custom Standards

Have it your way

Why order a standard that contains a multiplicity of analytes when your site investigation targets only a few? Advanced Analytical Solutions can assist with your particular project by preparing custom QC or PT standards with your targeted analytes mixed at specified levels in the matrix of your choice. The use of custom standards tailored to your project-specific needs provides more relevant evidence that your laboratory meets all quality objectives. It will therefore bring a higher level of confidence both to you and your client. Download our or call tech support at 1-800-283-4844. You can also email us at

Let us do the hard part for you

Advanced Analytical Solutions has over nineteen (19) years of experience in preparing complex custom standards, either with organic or inorganic analytes, in all types of matrices such as soil, water and wastewater. Our chemists will be happy to help you define your requirements and then prepare and validate your specific standards within your cost and time requirements. Rest assured that Advanced Analytical Solutions has the technical capability and experience to make a standard in a way that will satisfy your project and quality requirements.

How to order

Simply fill out the or just give us a call. We'll discuss your DQO's, the technical aspects of the project such as analytes, matrix, and concentration levels, all the way through to the type of bottles and labels you require. We'll take it from there and combine your specific needs with our repertoire of past projects to achieve the most technical, time and cost-effective solution. We'll promptly get back to you with a reasonable quote. It’s just that simple!