Proficiency Testing

Advanced Analytical Solutions

A leader you can depend on. With over 18 years serving the environmental laboratory industry we have an in-depth understanding of what proficiency testing means to the accreditation and success of each laboratory. Our goal is to help you succeed by providing the finest quality standards and the best customer support and assistance available.

Proficiency Testing Samples

Proficiency testing programs provide an unbiased and independent evaluation of your lab through either EPA/NELAC specified or inter-laboratory round robin analysis. Advanced Analytical Solutions offers several world class state-of-the-art single-blind and the finest and most innovative double-blind program available anywhere. Based on your needs one of our programs will provide you with effective assessment and monitoring of your laboratory’s capabilities and performance.

Single-Blind Proficiency Testing

Identified to the laboratory as performance samples, single-blind PT samples allow fundamental evaluation of a lab’s ability to perform testing within acceptable limits. Advanced Analytical Solutions offers both standard turn-around, and quick response testing. All control limits used in these studies are based on EPA/NELAC guidelines. Our single blind programs are:

Double-Blind Proficiency Testing

Designed to appear as routine samples, double-blind PT samples are submitted to the laboratory without notice, making them the most effective assessment tool for your organization. Advanced Analytical Solutions can custom blend a double blind program for your facility that will provide a true evaluation of your facility’s day-to-day performance, not just a best case scenario. Put simply our program is the finest and most innovative program available anywhere. Our double-blind round robin program is called: